River outflows and marginal seas interaction


Atuhiko Isobe, Kyushu University

Yosuke Yamashiki, Kyoto University 



Kida, S., and Y. Yamashiki (2014), A layered model approach for simulating high river discharge events from land to the ocean, J. Oceanogr.doi:10.1007/s10872-014-0254-4

PDF at Springer



The Oceanographic Society of Japan Fall Meeting, Sep, 2014 

IPRC/JAMSTEC OFES Meeting, Oct, 2014 

Japan Geoscience Union Meeting, May, 2014 

Current status

October, 2017 Observations at Akkeshi, Hokkaido

The goal is to capture the path of the river water through Akkeshi lake to Akkeshi Bay.


August, 2017 Observations at Seto Island Sea

The goal is to capture the tidal front using infrared camera on drones.